whiteboard sickcallfuu's fromsoft fanart


Shifted things around a little and tried to make the layout nicer (made it pink, maybe subconciously thinking about Valentine’s Day approaching.)

🌫️ Added 1 drawing under Elden Ring, made on Christmas Day:



🌫️ Made separate page for Comics, added 4 page excerpt from a 12-page comic called A God for Every Metal that I made for an anthology recently. Should be published this year but not sure when. After it’s out I’ll add the rest of the comic here.

A God for Every Metal, page 3

A God for Every Metal, page 3

Also added 2 of these pages under Elden Ring drawings, I’m not sure if I’ll keep them there.

🌫️ Couple of states of an in-progress drawing started in December:

in progress deathblight 1


in progress deathblight 2


🌫️ Might make separate section to collect in progress shots and sketches.