sickcallfuu / comics / I Am The Maggot: 01

01: When I was a child, I was taught that the sun was formed at the center of the earth before rising into the sky. I think that was the lesson -- I believe that was the lesson. 02: Was that it? What else can I remember? Aha! 03: A boiling pot -- but I couldn't see what was boiling. 04: No, I saw it -- it was glass and it broke -- and inside was an egg that broke too... 05: Ah! I see more. 06: One a few are knocked loose, more memories start to flow... 07: I took off my helm at the stream, clear water clung to my hand, unlike the thick blood that covers me now. I remember the plants vividly. 08: At the top of the hill my companions were resting. 09: That's right! I remember, we were all there together, I drank water from the stream and the water ran down my chin and through my fingers and back into the stream. The pot, the glass, the egg, they were all there too... So different from now! 10: Pinned under this boulder in this dark fort with its endless hallways. Alone.

end 01. sickcallfuu / comics